Statement from the MD

"At RVI we experienced the challenges of compliance with business regulations; from business registration to obtaining sector specific licenses necessary before commencement of business for our various portfolio companies.

It is out of demand from our various partners; mainly Multi National Corporations that we decided to launch a service to navigate the processes of obtaining licenses, permits and registration of businesses. We launched this service to facilitate investors who may experience difficulty in ascertaining local legal requirements from various government departments at National and sub national level. In order to map out and execute the best cost effective and most efficient way to comply.

We have gained thorough specific experience and general intelligence on a number of sectors and industries to make the entry of foreign companies wishing to invest in Uganda smooth and well informed.

We rely on a wide network of contacts in several Departments and Agencies, with whom we have interacted for a number of years on similar assignments for clients and as principals.

Internally RVI has built core HR compliments of legal, Business formation and set up, communication and real estate holdings that serve many entities in the Ugandan market."

Merian K. Sebunya